Tasos Almpanis, our executive chef

Tasos Almpanis, the executive chef of the Myconian Imperial Leading Hotels of the World, has chosen to focus on treasures from the deep for the coming season. He recommends that guests try the Aegean lobster caught by local fishermen between Mykonos and Tinos, and considers his “signature dish” to be the excellent sea bass with black risotto, vegetables and lobster sauce. When it comes to honouring the quality of fresh fish or the flavour of Mediterranean ingredients, he is of one mind with our Asian chef Meiwang Ke Steven, that these should not be overwhelmed by culinary virtuosity for its own sake. Experience his subtle dishes over dinner at our Celebrities gourmet restaurant.

After spending two years in Japan, Meiwang Ke Steven brings classic Japanese flavours to the Sishu Bar. “I want to bring together the Mykonian and Japanese culinary culture”, he explains. Prepare yourself to taste his expertise in every artfully displayed creation.